Agreement Free Dictionary

With the sinking of offerings, it has become common in many societies to seal an agreement by shaking or clapping hands, i.e. hands with associated and synonymous fists. Lamourette`s kiss An ephemeral reconciliation, especially one that is done dishonestly; a short-term reconciliation; subterfuge; Tricky or cunning. The lamourette in this expression was Father Lamourette, a French politician who, on 7 July 1792, convinced the many ambiguous factions of the French Legislative Assembly to set aside their differences and work together for the common good. After numerous demonstrations and protests against the work of peace, the legislators soon plunged into their previous hostilities, but with even more hostility and resentment than before. Since then, the term has been used figuratively, usually with respect to temporary or dishonest political agreements. Package-deal An agreement or agreement in which all conditions must be accepted or rejected; an all-or-nothing regulation or plan involving the adoption of one or more negative elements as a precondition for achieving a generally favourable objective. Originally, a package-deal was a group of goods packaged in a package and sold at an advantageous price, less than the combined cost for the separate purchase of each item. Although this connotation is maintained, the package agreement generally refers to a political or industrial pact that contains several related or unrelated provisions, all of which must be accepted or rejected as an entity.

Deal package also enjoyed the use of jocular, often with regard to a spouse or a family of person. When people make a decision together about something, they agree. Be careful. Don`t say you`re doing something “consensual.” If someone asks you to do something and you agree, say you will. Once the bargain is right, ownership of the goods is transferred to the Vendee. (Sir William Blackstone, Commentary on the Laws of England, 1766) The passive form “It was agreed that… is often used. Be careful. Don`t say you agree or agree.

If you use “accept” in this sense, don`t use progressive either. For example, don`t say, “I agree with Mark.” You can say what the decision uses with agreement and a clause. This sarcastic shift towards “fighting like cats and dogs”, more common, dates back to the 19th century. Make a good deal to close a good deal or another deal regulate or agree on the terms of a transaction agree on a compromise or other regulation. This expression refers to the Greek and Roman custom of sealing an enterprise contract by striking an animal (i.e. killing it) and offering it as a victim of its plap. Although this tradition is long gone, the term remains. If you accept a proposal or a proposal, say you will allow it. If someone says something and you say “I agree” you think you have the same opinion. Don`t say someone`s accepting an invitation. They say they accept it. You can also say that you agree with someone or that you agree with what they say.

Comedians like McKinney are converters of remarkable phrases. This parable can be an example of what is done from the sonnet of William Wordsworth, a snowdrop that describes a flower bending its forehead: “As if it were afraid to insult, like an unsolicited guest.”