Car Storage Agreement Form

1) who must reach our account before all vehicles are received on our site and only after the acceptance of your request and the conclusion of your storage contract. ii) You must prove both your personal identity and your residential address using a passport, driver`s license, etc., and the current electricity bill, account statement, etc., which we will contain in your personal file. For our registration, an identity card must be presented in one way or another. This can be done on site. You personally warrant that all information you provide is true, accurate and correct. iii) If you have opted for the “Maintenance” package, we still do not guarantee that your vehicle is fit for reception, start-up or racing, but every effort will be made to keep you informed and seek the necessary authority to maintain the condition and suitability for use of your vehicle. i) By requesting the storage of your vehicle, you are requesting to reserve space in our establishment. By concluding a storage contract and after acceptance, the place is considered reserved for you. There is a minimum booking period (MRP) of 10 weeks After the first MP, additional periods of at least 10 weeks are booked accordingly. ( For the “termination of the contract”, see Chapter 2, § ix) D`Aetna Settlement Dispute Resolution Request Form Please note that if this dispute relates to services provided prior to 11.06.03, you must file an “External Claim Form” if this dispute relates to aetna`s medical matters.

vi) In addition to the disposition protocol, storage options may be added or removed at any time to your initial offer. A simple email request is enough. You can add or remove options that will be saved as changes to the storage agreement and implemented within 2 business days of receiving the request. A maximum of 4 changes can be made free of charge within 10 weeks….