Heritage Fund Partnership Agreement

These elements will then be developed as part of a partnership agreement that legally governs future cooperation between the partners. It is very important that you and the promoter take the time to develop an agreement with which you are both familiar. A good partnership agreement will provide a concrete outline of your expected contribution to the project and provide a detailed budget that will allow you to cover your costs. The partnership agreement will provide a solid basis for your cooperation and help you avoid possible obstacles below. You can agree with the proponent of the inclusion of a sustainable development plan as one of the results of the project, in which you can, for example, address the question of how the project is compatible with national, regional or local strategies, action plans or objectives, how the project can create and develop sustainable partnerships and how cooperation can continue beyond the project period by accessing other types of funding. The call for proposals should describe the appeal procedure if you feel that the application was rejected in error or was wrongly rejected. In addition, many programs/funds will launch more than one tender. The donor program partner in your area of expertise can give you general advice to improve your application. We know that partnerships can be a challenge if you are planning a Young Roots project, especially when it comes to finding a partner for youth or heritage. But they also bring many benefits and many recognize that they have been the key to a successful project. If you have any doubts about how the proponent is implementing the project, we advise you to start a dialogue with the developer on the issues of concern to you.

If the problem is not resolved, your country`s donor program partner and industry partner can tell you what to do. For Active Civic Funds, donor contact points can advise you on this issue. For programs without donor partners in your country, please contact the fund`s program or operator. However, when it comes to getting your expenses reimbursed, you can agree with the promoter to use an audit report to prove your expenses.