Mar A Lago Use Agreement

Zeitz called Mr. Trump`s possible breach of his agreement with Palm Beach “a significant and serious legal hurdle” for the president, who uses Mar-a-Lago as his registration address and official home. In the early 1990s, Trump converted Mar-a-Lago from a private residence into a social club, signing a detailed “use agreement” for the property and ceding ownership to a company he controlled, Mar-a-Lago Club Inc. Under the agreement, President Trump can only live in Mar-a-Lago for three consecutive days. Roig-Franzia interviewed lawyer Glenn Zeitz, who said the deal was “a significant and serious legal hurdle” for the president who uses Mar-a-Lago as his voting speech. WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump could violate his deal with Palm Beach, Florida, by claiming his resort as his home, but that has no influence on his ability to claim it as a legal residence for voting purposes, the county`s top election official said Monday. The 1993 agreement provides that club members may not use guest suites for more than seven days at the same time for three non-consecutive weeks per year. At a council meeting, Trump`s lawyer said Trump would not live there “except that he will be a member of the club and would have the right to use his guest rooms,” according to a copy received by The Washington Post. It could use the meaning of “appropriate,” i.e. if the agreement excludes all use throughout the year. If Stambaugh and his client have their way and convince Palm Beach to stick to his long-standing agreement, Trump will be forced to make a decision, he said: Stop turning Mar-a-Lago into a club and turn it into a detached house or change his official home elsewhere. In September 2019, Mar-a-Lago became the principal residence of Donald and Melania Trump, who previously had their main residence in New York.

[11] The legality was challenged because Trump signed a “use agreement” with the city of Palm Beach, Florida, in 1993, which changed the mar-a-Lago name from a private club residence, stating that guests, including Trump, could not stay there for more than three consecutive weeks a year. [34] In August 1993, Trump received his club and signed an extraordinarily detailed document, called the Use Agreement, which still governs the use of Mar-a-Lago.