Nr Agreement

The right to rights under this scheme assumes that the worker and a real worker subject to this agreement are employed. The worker must also: disputes over the understanding of this basic agreement may be going before the labour tribunal. Only the NSA and OL have the right to sue under the agreement. If an agreement is not reached through Section 2.2 negotiations, the parties to the collective agreement, or, if so, the two main organizations, may agree, after a call from a representative responsible for each organization, to continue negotiations on the spot. The notice period in paragraph 1 of this section does not apply where a work agreement or regulation allows for shorter notice periods. The notice also does not apply to layoffs due to a dispute in another company or a collective dispute in one`s own company. However, the company is required to make a communication as long as possible in these cases. Employees in permanent positions may be placed in the resource pool as part of major restructurings, downsizing, etc., after consultation with local unions. If the rates of pay of the collective agreement in question are not applied immediately and naturally, or if there is no rate of pay for certain categories, or if specific conditions require the inclusion of provisions that are not included in the existing collective agreement, negotiations take place between the organizations. For group traders, a separate agreement is reached on rights and obligations that are not defined in this basic agreement. The agreement may contain provisions relating to conditions of employment, employer responsibilities, wage conditions and elections/conditions. The Section 18.1 agreements apply until a new collective agreement comes into force and until a new agreement is reached. The contract may be terminated with a period of 14 days and no later than one month before the expiry of the collective agreement concerned.

6. Contract leave may be deferred, in whole or in part, to the following year by written agreement between the company and the individual worker. Employees whose salaries are set according to the salary scale and who work temporarily in the position for which the salary is not fixed (senior position) receive a salary of NOK 450, per 24 hours on board, where each function is in office. Compensation must be paid for a position in this position for a maximum of 3 months.