PercuSet™ Procedure Trays

Redi-Tech Medical’s PercuSet™ paracentesis trays can be used for diagnostic, therapeutic or palliative fluid withdrawal. Dedicated trays provide clinicians with all the components required for safe and effective drainage of ascites.
Features and Benefits
• SIMPLE – Specifically designed for large volume paracentesis, easy-to-use components eliminate time-consuming and difficult assembly.

5/per box

What is Paracentesis?
Paracentesis is a minor surgical procedure that involves introducing a needle or cannula the abdominal wall and into the peritoneal space, for aspiration of fluid as a result of disease (ascites)or acute adnominal trauma. Paracentesisis performed for either fluid sample analysis (diagnostic) or alleviation of abdominal pressure (therapeutic).


What is Thoracentesis?
Thoracentesis is a minor surgical procedure where a needle or cannula is inserted through the chest wall into the pleural space for aspiration of fluid. A thoracentesis procedure is conducted to obtain a fluid sample analysis (diagnosis) or tom alleviate pressure on an infected lung(therapeutic).