Redi Clearvue HSG Catheter Set

Hystrosalpingographic or sonohysterographic studies conducted by physicians have been found to be an efficient method for determining the function and/or cause of organic problems of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and infertility. These efficient studies allow physicians a method of direct evaluation that can readily suggest the appropriate treatment.

Physicians have determined that the use of a Redi ClearVue 5Fr or 7Fr catheter during the performance of hysterosalpingographic or sonohysterographic studies requires less time in implementation under normal conditions and was by the far most practical and efficient technique to use when the external os (mouth of the uterus) was stenotic or restricted. Another useful advantage of the Redi ClearVue 5Fr or 7Fr catheter is in intraoperative tubal lavage.
The Redi catheter was found to be easy to use, minimally invasive, and produces no complications. When these products are used, the hysterosalpingographic and sonohysterographic studies can be performed at a low cost and, in the case of sonohysterography, can be performed in-office.


Model # Description Count
06-105 F 5FR HSG Catheter Set 10/Box
06-107 F 7FR HSG Catheter Set 10/Box