Redi Ultra-Seal® Catheter

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of the Redi Ultra-Seal ® Catheter

Sonohysterography is a safe and relatively inexpensive method of investigating uterine abnormalities. Studies have shown that the slow infusion of saline into the uterus during transvaginal ultrasound can dramatically enhance the depiction of uterine pathology and greatly improve diagnostic value of sonohysterography. Redi- Tech Medical Products is introducing a new sonohysterography catheter to its line of uterine infusion products. This third-party reimbursed office-based procedure can easily be performed utilizing the Redi Ultra- Seal ® Catheter. The unique acorn shaped stopper and semi-rigid catheter allows easy insertion through the cervical os and into the uterus with minimal trauma. This balloon-less, single lumen catheter is ideal for postmenopausal patients with stenotic cervical canals, as well as for many nulliparous patients.