Restricted Share Award Agreement

This restricted stock premium agreement (“Restricted Stock Award” or “Agreement”) is subject to the provisions of Carver Bancorp, Inc.`s 2014 Investment Plan (the “Plan”) that have been incorporated and supplemented by reference, subject to the provisions of this agreement. A copy of the plan was provided to anyone who received a limited premium under the plan. The holder of this Restricted Stock Award (the “participant”) accepts this Restricted Stock Award on the basis of all the terms and conditions of the plan and this agreement and agrees that all decisions and interpretations of the plan and agreement by the plan management committee (“committee”) or the company`s board of directors are final. , binding and conclusive for the participant and the participant`s heir. , legal representatives, rights holders and approved beneficiaries of the transfer. Unless the context is different, the term “company” as defined in the HarborOne Bancorp Equity Equity 2020 investment plan, as amended by the “plan”), is referred to as “company” (the “company”) which heress with the Grantee above as a “Restricted Stock Award” (an “award”). Upon acceptance of this price, Grantee receives the number of common shares, face value of $0.01 per share (the aforementioned “share”) of the company, subject to the restrictions and conditions provided in the company and in the plan. The Company confirms receipt of the exchange`s consideration with respect to the face value of the share in the form of cash benefits, past or future, provided to the company by grantee or any other form of consideration acceptable to the administrator. The “RESTRICTED STOCK AWARD AGREEMENT” (this “agreement”) effective October 20, 2020 (effective date) is the granting to Ken A. Plunk (the “participant”) of limited common shares without face value (“Restricted Shares”) of J-J Foods Corp., a New Jersey company (the “company”), under the terms below. The company and the participant agree: . CET ACCORD (the “Agreement”) is concluded from the date and date on the last page of this page (the “Award Date”), by and between Sila Realty Trust, Inc.

(the “Company”), a Maryland company, and the recipient (the “beneficiary”) mentioned above. Unless otherwise stated, all capitalized terms used in this agreement are defined in the date plan or in the “Definitions” section of EXHIBIT A. EXHIBIT A is added by reference and included in the definition of “agreement.” CET ACCORD RESTRICTED STOCK AWARDS (the “Contract”), dated __th day of the 20th, governs the Restricted Stock Award, the interest plan of HALL OF FAME RESORT – ENTERTAINMENT Company, a Delaware company (the “Company”), the plan , Inc. 2020 Omnibus Incentive”). A copy of the plan was made available to the participant. All the terms used in this agreement, defined in the plan, have the same meaning as the one given to them in the plan.