Virginia Board Of Medicine Practice Agreement

Virginia licensees who live and practice in another state can meet the 2-hour requirement for controlled substances by receiving type 1 (CAT I) hour, as long as this occurs within 24 months of your next licence renewal. (i) ensure that a medical or pharmaceutical history is acquired; (ii) provide the patient with information about the benefits and risks of the prescribed medication; (iii) perform or have performed an appropriate examination of the patient, either physically or through the use of diagnostic instruments and tools to transmit medical images and records electronically; With the exception of medical emergencies, the patient`s examination must have been carried out by the physician himself, in the group in which he practices or by a medical consultant before issuing a prescription; and (iv) undertake, if necessary, additional interventions and post-operative care, particularly where a prescribed medication may have serious side effects. When treating or prescribing for himself or the family, the physician must keep a medical record that documents compliance with the legal criteria for a good faith practical-patient relationship. If you do not receive an extension notice, you should contact the Board Office at 804-367-4600 for a reinvention guide. During the state of emergency decreed in the amended emergency order 51, a license was issued to a doctor by another state: and in good repute with such a state, is considered an active licence issued by the Commonwealth to provide health care or professional services as a physician of the same type for which such a licence is issued in another state, provided that such a physician is employed by a related hospital or hospital, if both share the same parent company, a care facility or a licensed dialysis facility in the Commonwealth, in order to assist that institution in the care of public health and health care. Hospitals, licensed care facilities and dialysis facilities must provide the appropriate receiving authority with the name, type of licence, licence status and licence number of each non-state physician within a reasonable time when that physician provides services in the appropriate Commonwealth health facility. Health physicians with active licenses issued by other states who have notified the receiving authority in accordance with this executive order and who have been consulted by a medical practice or other health facility that is not a hospital, a care facility or dialysis facility may continue to practice in the Commonwealth for 30 days from the date of this regulation and may apply to the Commonwealth for a licence to continue to provide services to patients in Virginia. Fax: (804) 527-4426 Fax: Discipline: (804) 527-4429 Complaints: (800) 533-1560 Email: The Virginia Department of Planning Budget has designed a Regulatory Town Hall for anyone interested in proposing regulations or regulatory board meetings. In Virginia, a licensed medical assistant has the right to prescribe controlled substances and devices for calendars II to VI. The Board of Directors requires the completion of an acceptable pharmacology training of at least 35 hours.

The work protocol application must include a standardization request that constitutes a written agreement with the medical officer on the follow-up of the assistant`s prescription practices. If you intend to practice in Virginia, even on a part-time or non-part basis, you must keep your license active. All applicants are reminded to verify the status of liability insurance upon their return to active practice with their misconduct.