Walmart Gift Card Cardholder Agreement

20. Additional conditions. (a) Our agents or we may monitor your phone calls with us and our services or agents. (b) We may transfer our rights or obligations. You cannot transfer your rights or obligations, except to the person to whom you give the Walmart Visa gift card. (c) If a provision of this Contract is found to be undevealed or unenforceable, all other provisions of this Contract remain valid and enforceable. (d) This agreement represents the entire agreement between you and us regarding the Walmart Visa gift card and replaces any other prior or simultaneous agreement between you and us. (e) The use of a Walmart Visa gift card is subject to all rules and practices of Visa and any other clearing centre or network participating in the transaction. 14. Get information on Walmart Visa gift cards; Recipes. Information about the value of your Walmart Visa card can be found online at, by phone at 1-866-633-9096 or in a Walmart registry. 16. Resignation.

We may suspend your Walmart Visa gift card and your ability to use your Walmart gift card at any time for a legitimate reason, for example. B if we suspect possible fraud or suspicious activity. We can cancel a Walmart Visa gift card and your use of the Walmart Visa gift card at any time and for any reason. If we advertise your Walmart visa gift card or announce it and do not provide a replacement or replacement card upon request, we will return the remaining value to you on the Walmart Visa Gift card unless it is prohibited by law. To the extent permitted by law, you agree to pay the legal fees and collection costs incurred in recovering the money you owe us and to enforce our rights under that agreement. 2. Description of the Walmart Visa gift card. The Walmart Visa Gift card is a prepaid card, not a device that accesses money from an individual debit or savings account. If you use the Walmart Visa gift card, you enter the value of the card and do not make a payment from a deposit account. The Walmart Visa Gift card is not a credit card or a loading card that allows you to make purchases or receive advances and pay for them later. Check out the Walmart MoneyCard Cardholder Agreement (for cards received by a tax preparer) If you need more information about our troubleshooting procedures, visit

Tell us about ONCE if you think your Walmart gift card has been lost or stolen. Calling is the best way to warn us. You will not lose some of the money on your Walmart visa card, based on unauthorized use, if you have done what is necessary to secure your card against loss or theft. However, if these conditions are NOT met, you may lose the amount of unauthorized use of your Walmart visa gift card before informing us that your card has been lost or stolen.