With Which Region Was A Historic Agreement Made At The White House

Bahrain has done the same. The United Arab Emirates has renounced a 48-year boycott of Israel, which has been an incredible development. And now there are delegations all over the Middle East to figure out how to bring people closer to each other. Netanyahu`s interests have also been well served. The Israeli prime minister, who has long had a symbiotic relationship with the US president, is survived by two political crises in his own country: a resurgence of coronavirus, which led him to order a new national lock, and a corruption trial for crimes. In a speech on Fox News, Trump said he had “absolutely no problem” with the sale of F-35s to the Emirates, despite objections within Israel. Mr. Netanyahu strongly opposed the negotiations with what he called “the murderous Iranian regime.” Maloney said her host`s comments “are probably not what Bibi negotiated.” In a statement, spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said the agreements were “an important day,” but warned of important unanswered questions, including about the F-35. Pelosi said Congress would “monitor and monitor to ensure that Israel can maintain its qualitative military lead in the region,” referring to a term in U.S. law prohibiting regional arms sales that could threaten Israel. It is a diplomatic achievement for President Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has largely negotiated the agreements with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. WASHINGTON – Israel and two Arab nations signed agreements at the White House on Tuesday to normalize relations, a step toward a reorientation of the Middle East, but one that does not address the future of the Palestinians. It is precisely in this agreement that we will ask a few questions because of the importance of the agreement.

But first, I would like to ask Jared to say a few words and say a few words to Mike Pence and a few people. David, I want you to say something about it, because it`s historic. “A new historic breakthrough today!” Trump wrote on Twitter, adding: “Our two friends from GREAT, Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain, are concluding a peace treaty.” The two men never seemed closer than Tuesday. Pre-meeting with Mr. Netanyahu in the Oval Office, Mr.