Wvu Reciprocity Agreement

The WV is a member state of the academic common market which is a limited regional reciprocity agreement between some southern states. Advantageous tuition fees in neighbouring states are sometimes possible through reciprocity, although many restrictions apply. Many countries have programs that allow residents to attend a university in another state without having to pay extra-state tuition fees. Ask your state or the universities you are interested in about available exchange of study or reciprocity programs and apply for registration. FAFSA is generally not required for these programs. Students in the supplementary program must remain in a good academic state (2.0 or better amp) and continue to make good academic progress on the path to entry or completion of the main requirements of the program. Additional programs outside the approved main education plan are not eligible for state education. To remain eligible for the Ohio program of study, students must complete 12 hours or more per semester, maintain the GPA requirements set by their department and show progress in the major. Students must have a degree from Garrett University. In cases where the student`s time would be unnecessarily extended to the bachelor`s degree by completing the degree requirements associated with Garrett College, the student may be considered for an early transfer to the University of West Virginia without an associate degree from Garrett College.

Under the agreement, Garrett College students can only be admitted to the University of West Virginia if the student requests to be enrolled in a program that is not available at Frostburg State University. Garrett College students who wish to enrol in engineering programs (excluding engineering) are also covered by this agreement. Students must be enrolled full-time in an approved program, as approved by the reciprocity agreement. Additional programs outside the approved main education plan are not eligible for public education. Students must be admitted to both the university and the main university. A mutual agreement allows residents of a state to work in a neighbouring state while paying taxes only to the resident state.